Q: “What are wombats anyway?”

K: “Wombats are just shitty panda bears”






Also this made me laugh out loud quite loudly earlier. These are beautiful human beings. 

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Also I need to be awake by 7am tomorrow and it’s already 2:30am. I’m so bad at that “take care of myself” thing that I oh-so-recently mentioned. 

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So, I’ve been feeling this strange… urge? lately that I understand and don’t at the same time. It seem like most idle moment my mind drifts to the idea that I just want to be alone. Not like, not in a relationship. I am quite happy with my relationship. In fact, as far as I can tell I am quite happy /in general/. This makes me not understand why I keep thinking this way.

On the other hand I understand how I work. My way of handling stress in the world in to reduce the things in my life that can possibly stress me. The ultimate extension of this would be to be completely alone. In this manner I can understand why the urge/fantasy comes to mind. 

But this leads to the question as to why I would be feeling stressed enough to be wanting this ultimate (supposed but likely realistically invalid) stress release. School has been going well this semester with me generally being ahead of the game and completing everything before the last minute. My relationship has been good and I have no issues there. I admit I have been somewhat distant to friends as of late, but I am unsure if this is a cause or a reaction to my feelings of stress. That happens.

tldr: I cannot see reasons for why I might feel stressed but I seem to crave being entirely alone as an ultimate stress reducer. It enters my idle thought without provocation.


It would be so nice if I could just pick one side to anything, ever. Instead of being conflicted on everything ever because I automatically try to see a situation from different views it would just be nice to have a singular viewpoint in my head. That way maybe I could be more confident in my decisions. Currently I usually just see all the viewpoints in my head, make a guess, and go with it. 

I mean, making a guess and following through upon that is a lot better than just being indecisive. I’ve had that issue a lot in the past. Frozen in the face of all the choices. So, one step progress I suppose. 

But the guess-and-follow-through method does not work very well for gut feelings or important decisions. It just doesn’t make much sense in that context where the situation can generally be considered an outlier to general life activities. 

Also, being internally conflicted is really stressful. Especially for those supposed important decisions. And talking to other people about such issues is basically impossible when they are entirely internal and not easily translated into real words. 

blahblah strange ranting


I feel like punching my computer monitor really hard tonight. Or anything, really. Not for any specific reason. Just one of those nights where I drink a bit to supposedly relax after a long busy day and instead become completely in-my-own-head. Maybe my wish to hit things derives from the underlying wish that the pain related to hitting things very hard will distract me from being in my own head.

Actually that sounds pretty accurate.


Everyone needs someone to take care of them. The real task is figuring out how to be that person for yourself. 



The Onion has hit a beautiful, incredibly meta singularity.

This is way too excellent.

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